Inaugural Graduation Held by CUSM

Master of Biomedical Science Graduates Prepare for Medical School and Beyond

(San Bernardino, CA - May 30, 2019) - The California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) held its inaugural graduation on May 24, 2019 for 33 Master of Biomedical Science students. An historic event for the new University, which received accreditation in 2018, CUSM is California’s newest fully operational medical school. Approximately 40% of its MBS graduates were accepted into medical school and plan to stay at CUSM to pursue a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. They will become part of the second class of medical school students that CUSM will graduate in 2023.

The Masters of Biomedical Science program is one of the ways CUSM is focused on addressing the acute shortage of physicians in California and Nationwide. The MBS program is a path to medical school, preparing students for the rigorous course of study, in some cases readying them to take or re-take the Medical College Admissions Test, and setting them apart as highly qualified medical school candidates.

“You are our first Master’s class. Our first graduates. Our first alumni. Our first evidence of CUSM’s future legacy. You are the latest in a long line of firsts in the history of science and medicine,” said Dr. Prem Reddy, CUSM Founder and Chairman of the Board, to the graduating class. “You took a leap of faith, and you put that faith in us, to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to fulfill your calling. My hope is that we have helped you grow and be successful in a world that is forever changing,” said Dr. Reddy.

The graduation was held at Claremont Graduate University’s Bridges Auditorium and included a hooding ceremony and addresses by Dr. Prem Reddy, Dr. Peter Eveland and CUSM’s new Dean and President, Dr. Paul Lyons who joined CUSM this May from UC Riverside (UCR) School of Medicine. Founded by physicians and experienced educators, CUSM’s curriculum immerses students in globally-relevant clinical courses of study that integrate patient care and clinical practice from the beginning, preparing them to be innovative thinkers, collaborative clinicians and problem solvers.

“I have had the privilege to know each of these talented and gifted individuals from the time they first applied to our school,” said Peter Eveland, EdD, Dean of Admissions at CUSM and Interim Dean prior to Dr. Lyons’ arrival. “It isn’t easy to attend graduate school, let alone a new program in a new university. These students were partners with us in many ways and we are confident that they will become excellent physicians, scientists and leaders.”

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The California University of Science and Medicine is dedicated to advancing the art and science of medicine through medical education, research, and compassionate healthcare delivery in an inclusive environment that inspires, motivates and empowers students to become excellent and caring physicians, scientists, and leaders.

The California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) is a not-for-profit health sciences university established in 2015, led by a dynamic group of MD/PhD faculty members. CUSM offers a Master in Biomedical Sciences degree program and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program to prepare its diverse student body for careers in healthcare, public service, teaching and research. Learn more at