CUSM Inspires, Motivates and Empowers Q&A featuring Dr. Dupper

Dr. Maegan Dupper – September 30, 2021

Our motto at CUSM is a university that Inspires, Motivates, and Empowers (IME) our students, faculty, and staff. In this first Q&A, we want you to meet Dr. Maegan Dupper, our Associate Dean, Clinical Curriculum Associate Professor of Medical Education and Family Medicine. She has been an inspiration to our students, leaders, faculty, and staff, and we want to honor her during “Women in Medicine Month.”

Megan Dupper2

1. What inspires you, and how do you use it to use our mission towards others?

My inspiration to be a part of medical education at CUSM is our students. Their brilliant and resilient health advocates that I am confident will help tackle the obstacles we face for the health of the inland empire. Teaching, supporting, and even just running into students for a chat is always the best part of my day.

2. What Motivates you, and how do you use it to use our mission towards others?

My motivation is my two girls, Beatrice and Rose. I count it a privilege to be their mom, and I’m also proud to raise them in my hometown. Growing up in the inland empire has given me a view of the long game in how I can make a difference to strengthen this place for my daughters. I decided to join medical education when I learned how much more of an impact, I could make teaching students than I could ever accomplish alone. Medical students take my small reach and give me a greater sense of meaning and purpose. They help me ensure that Bea and Rosie have a better neighborhood to live in as they grow up.

3. What Empowers you, and how do you use it to use our mission towards others?

I’m empowered by my support system every day. My husband, friends, family, and mentors keep me from giving in to the gravity of my couch and from my occasional tendency to want to give up medicine and take up gardening. I’m grateful for the beautiful group of humans I’ve been able to collect over my life who remind me of my values and purpose when I need it and for their honesty in reminding me when I’m not walking in that direction.

4. Tell me more about yourself and your hobbies and how you came about being in your current position.

I’m a nerd with only a few hobbies- I love Disneyland, cooking, taking photos of my kids, and I can talk about Star Wars for at least half the afternoon. Our family has recently taken up a new hobby of having fun camping in our new trailer. There’s something fun about building our campsite that reminds me of how fun it was to build a fort in my room as a kid.

5. As a Women in Medicine what motivates and inspires you?

As a woman in medicine, I am especially grateful for the support of my mentors and colleagues who have helped keep my perspective clear and my imposter syndrome at bay. A goal of mine is to be able to pass on some of that same support to those who have not historically been supported in medicine. I want to move the culture in medicine towards inclusion and kindness.

Thank you, Dr. Dupper, for all your hard work and dedication to not only for your kids, but also to the CUSM community. You are an inspiration to all of us.