California University of Science and Medicine Celebrates Match Day for its Second Class of Graduating Medical Students

All graduates matched into a residency program; 33 percent staying in Inland Empire

Colton, Calif., (March 17, 2023) - California University of Science and Medicine’s (CUSM) second MD class of 80 students today participated in the national Match Day event. All CUSM students matched into residency programs across the country, with 26 performing their residency in the Inland Empire and 54 remaining throughout California. Match Day is the culmination of the National Residence Match Program, in which all graduating MDs seek residency or fellowship positions in their chosen specialty.

At the same time across the country (9 a.m. Pacific Time, Friday, March 17, 2023), graduating medical students open their envelopes, learning where they will spend the next three to seven years of their lives. “Match Day is the culmination of years of study, clinical practice, and examinations,” said Paul Lyons, MD, CUSM Dean and President. “It is an end and beginning as our students enter the next phase of their professional career as healthcare providers.”

Students and their families were invited to the CUSM campus to share in the occasion. Following the envelope opening, students were invited to share their match with their fellow students and place their picture on a map of the US indicating their residency location.

“We are thrilled to see many of our students stay in the local region,” said Dr. Lyons. “Our mission is to support health equity in the Inland Empire. It has a long-term and immeasurable impact on our communities when our graduating physicians choose to stay in the communities in which they were raised and educated.” “Match Day is not only a highlight for our students and their families, but for our faculty and administrative staff, as well,” said Dr. Pete Eveland, CUSM Executive Vice Dean. “As a small university focused solely on Health Sciences, our entire community is invested in the long-term success of our students.”

CUSM Match Day 2023 Breakdown:

  • 100 percent match rate
  • 54 medical students performing residency throughout California
  • 26 medical students performing residency in the Inland Empire of Southern California, where CUSM is based.
  • 17 specialties represented with Internal Medicine and Psychiatry being the most prolific areas for this year’s class.


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