Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To advance the art and science of medicine through innovative medical education, research, and compassionate healthcare delivery in an inclusive environment that advocates critical thinking, creativity, integrity, and professionalism.

Our Vision

To develop a socially accountable medical school that:

  • Directs its education, research, and service activities towards addressing the priority health concerns and wellbeing of its community.
  • Inspires, motivates and empowers students to become excellent and caring physicians, scientists, and leaders.
  • Facilitates a medical education for promising students, especially from California‚Äôs Inland Empire.
  • Shares freely with the global community its innovative curriculum and advances of best practices in medical education.


The California University of Science and Medicine adheres to the following core values, which help foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment.


Committed to educating future physicians who will embrace the responsibility for improving the health and health care needs of underserved communities and be advocates for the elimination of health disparities.


Accept individual and collective responsibility to direct education, research and service activities to address the priority health concerns that span from the local to the global community.


Promote effective changes in educational policies and processes in order to develop and train competent physicians who will have leadership roles in all domains of medicine.


Inspire, shape and mold the character of students through dedicated faculty and creative, innovative teaching methods.


Achieve consistent outstanding levels of performance which exceed the expectations of our students while upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior, intellectual honesty and professional conduct.


Promote, cultivate and respect ethnic, intellectual, social and cultural diversity of students, faculty and patients in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

Honor Code

All students, faculty, and staff are held responsible for maintaining the Honor Code of CUSM which emphasizes:


Honesty and Integrity

Legal and Ethical Standards of Behavior


Department Chairs