International Students

CUSM is not approved to issue a certificate of eligibility (I–20) for international students. Therefore, student visa services are not provided. CUSM does not vouch for student status and makes no associated charges.


CUSM requires that applicants are a US citizen, have a Permanent Resident Visa, or have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. Please review the Policy on DACA Applicants below. Policy on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Applicants

Criminal Background Check

Applicants to the MD program must provide consent to the following background checks, which are required before the matriculating year: National, state, and county criminal background checks. Details as to how to facilitate completion of these requirements are sent in the student’s matriculation packet.

Below please find a few additional policies applicable to the program students. Please find the complete list of student policies in the CUSM Student Catalog/Handbook.

Standards of Conduct for the Teacher-Learner Relationship

CUSM is committed to foster the development of professional and collegial attitudes needed to provide caring and compassionate health care by all members of the medical school community, including medical students, resident physicians, faculty, volunteers and other staff who participate in the educational process. Please review the Standards of Conduct for the Teacher-Learner Relationship below.

CUSM-SOM Choose Your Medical School Policy
2021-2022 Admissions Cycle

What is the Choose Your Medical School Tool?

The AAMC American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) created this tool to support medical schools’ enrollment management processes and help applicants communicate their intentions about which medical schools they plan to attend. Schools will only be able to access information about their accepted and alternate-list (waitlist) applicants. Applicants should use the tool at the direction of the schools to which they have applied.

  • By May 15th, accepted applicants must select either “Plan to Enroll” or “Commit to Enroll.”
  • Accepted applicants must select “Commit to Enroll” by June 1st.
  • Those failing to do so will be in danger of having their acceptance rescinded.
  • Selecting “Commit to Enroll” indicates that the applicant has made a final selection and withdrawn all other applications.
  • If an applicant selects “Commit to Enroll” to a school, all other schools where the applicant also holds an acceptance or alternate-list offer will be notified but will not know the name of the school selected until fall.
  • Selecting “Commit to Enroll” does not automatically withdraw applications from other medical schools. Applicants must communicate directly with all schools about their final decision according to each school’s specific policy. We believe this is a matter of personal and professional integrity.
  • CUSM requires accepted applicants to Commit to Enroll no later than June 1, 2022.