Faculty Appointments


Faculty appointments are granted to individuals who are actively involved in the educational program of California University of Science and Medicine - School of Medicine (CUSM-SOM). The school of medicines faculty appointment and promotion process is managed through the CUSM Office of Faculty Affairs. Candidates interested in a faculty appointment or promotion should contact the appropriate Department Chair to initiate the request. The applicant should prepare their CV in the accepted format (CV Template). To apply for appointment to all ranks, an individual must meet the following criteria:

To apply for appointment to all ranks, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Show evidence of involvement in the educational program
  • Have an affiliation with California University of Science & Medicine
  • Possess an appropriate terminal degree relevant to the discipline under consideration


A standard promotion process depends upon the faculty members ability to document appropriate achievements in the following areas of academic life:

  • Education
  • Scholarship
  • Service
  • Patient Care/ Clinical Activities

CUSM has 4 tracks: Clinical, Academic, Adjunct & Visiting faculty appointments and promotions. Candidates for both clinical and academic promotions must specifically document that they have met or exceeded the guidelines for the relevant promotion. The responsibility to prove academic promotion has been earned rests with the applicant. This documentation must be clear and unequivocal as the promotion application is scrutinized at several levels of the School of Medicine and the University to verify that criteria have been met.

Faculty who are interested in seeking a promotion in rank must meet with the appropriate department chair to discuss readiness.

Link to Guidelines on Faculty Appointment and Promotion

Contact Us for Further Information

For further information regarding the appointment process, please contact Office of Faculty Affairs at 909-954-0494 or email us at FacultyAffairsOffice@cusm.org