Care Program

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We are committed to educating future physicians who will embrace the responsibility for improving the health and health care needs of underserved communities and be advocates for the elimination of health disparities. We want to enlist the help of like-minded community physicians, to collaborate with CUSM as a community partnership.

  • Become a CUSM community partner.
  • Mentor first- & second-year students in preparation for clinical practice.
  • Engaged and active learning within your healthcare team half-days a week.
  • CARE’s Early Clinical Exposure Educational Objectives:
    • Community-Based primary care Application of clinical skills, communication, and professionalism
    • Introduction to Interdisciplinary care and the continuity of care
    • Development of professional identity

We provide an immersive approach to teaching medicine grounded in compassionate clinical practices with a focus on the evolution of medicine and technology. CUSM is affiliated with the most respected hospital systems established in the Inland Empire of California as the training ground for our medical school to train and expose our students to the highest quality of health care.

CUSM Faculty Perks

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  • - Library Access
  • - Journal Subscriptions
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Maegan Dupper, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Curriculum, Associate Professor of Medical Education, Family Medicine

Jason Crowley, MS
Director of Medical Education, Assessment and Psychometrician
Office of Medical Education

Sabrina Covarrubias
CARE Coordinator
Office of Medical Education

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