Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I view my billing statement?
    You can view your billing statement online at Go to the Financials tab and select Billing Detail Summary. Be sure to select the appropriate term.

    What is a debit balance vs credit balance?
    A debit balance is the amount a student must pay, indicated on their Billing Details Summary. A credit balance is the amount that is refunded to a student indicated on their Billing Details Summary, with a negative sign (-) located in front of the dollar amount.

    How can I pay my outstanding balance?
    Select, Empower Student Portal. Or log into, then select Financials, at the top and then select Billing Details Summary.

    When can I pay my tuition and fees? Can I pay my tuition and fees before the semester begins?
    Yes, you can pay your tuition before the semester begins. You can pay your tuition and fees once you have been registered for courses and the billing statement becomes available.

    When is tuition due? What happens if I cannot pay by the Tuition Due Date?
    The Tuition Due Date is the first Friday of the first week of instruction. Click Student Business Services | CUSM, to view each semester Tuition Due Dates. If payment is not received by the Tuition Due Date, you will be charged a non-refundable $200 late fee after the Tuition Due Date.

    What if I cannot make my payment in full by the tuition deadline date? Do you offer a payment plan?
    We do not offer a payment plan. However, there are other payment method options. Please visit our webpage for more information on payment options.

    Which forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept e-check, credit card (2% service charge), and debit payments (2% service charge). Checks can be walked-in or mailed to CUSM, ATTN: Student Business Services, 1501 Violet Street, Colton, CA 92324.

    When will Financial Aid disburse (be applied to my student account)?
    Disbursement of your awards will occur once you have completed all required applications and provided all required documentation and information. You may check the status of your financial aid award on EMPOWER SIS Student Portal. You will receive a loan disbursement email notification to your student email account when funds have been disbursed to your account.

    When will my student refund be deposited?
    Any funds in excess of your current balance are considered a credit balance/student refund which will be returned to you within 14 calendar days after your financial aid disbursed/posted on your account. CUSM will issue credit balances/student refunds by depositing the funds in a savings or checking account that you designate. Please note, if the bank deposit to a student’s savings or checking account is undeliverable, CUSM may make additional attempts to deposit the funds, provided that those attempts are made no later than 45 days after the bank deposit was rejected. If you experience an issue related to the processing time of your student refund, please contact us directly.

    How can I sign up for Direct Deposit?

    • Log in to Empower Student Portal
    • Select Forms and Surveys Tab. Click on Student Forms link
    • At the Student Forms page, select Direct Deposit Form “Access Form”
    • Complete Form and save

    If I entered my checking account number and routing number, do I still need to upload a blank check? What is an ACH form and how do I obtain one?
    Yes, you must upload a voided check. An ACH form is a legally required agreement that is required to execute an ACH payment, which is a type of electronic funds transfer. You can obtain an ACH form by requesting it from your bank or credit union.

    Is there a deadline to sign up for Direct Deposit?
    There is no deadline to sign up. However, it is highly recommended to sign up at least 2 weeks before your financial aid is disbursed.

    How can I verify my Direct Deposit was set up correctly in EMPOWER?
    Once you have completed the set-up, you must log out and log in again to verify the information you just entered on the Direct Deposit screen was saved. You may also contact the Student Business Services Office at to confirm.

    How can I update my Direct Deposit information?
    Log onto your Empower Student Portal account and select the Forms and Surveys tab and then Student Forms. Select Direct Deposit Form and Access Form.

    How can I cancel my Direct Deposit?
    Contact our office at"> for more information.

    How do I update my mailing address in EMPOWER Student Portal SIS (Student Information System)?
    You may contact the Registrar’s Office at for further assistance.

    How can I submit an inquiry regarding my billing details?
    You may send any inquiries to

    How to contact Student Business Service (SBS)?
    We are Located on the 3rd Floor
    Email: or 909-966-5132 or send Teams Chat inquiry

    What is the IRS Form 1098-T?
    The Form 1098-T is a statement that colleges and universities are required to issue to certain students. It provides the total dollar amount paid by the student for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses (or “QTRE”) in a single tax year.

    What are Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses?
    Qualified tuition and related expenses are defined as tuition and certain related expenses required and billed in the calendar year as a condition of enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution.

    When will my 1098-T form become available?
    Your 1098-T form will be available the first week of February. You will receive an email notification when it becomes available.

    How can I retrieve my 1098-T form?
    You may view and obtain your 1098-T form in the EMPOWER Student Portal under Student Billing > 1098-T

    Additional questions about your 1098-T?
    All information that CUSM can or will provide you is either on the 1098-T form or is included on this webpage. We are not allowed to discuss tax implications, how this form may relate to you, or give tax advice. Please consult your tax preparer with all questions related to this document. Some helpful links to the IRS at the bottom of this page may provide you with more information related to how form 1098-T may affect you. As we cannot provide tax advice or the implications of the IRS Form 1098-T, we will only be able to direct you or your tax preparer to this webpage to answer your questions.

    I’d like to learn more about the 1098-T form?
    For more information, please visit About Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement | Internal Revenue Service (

    Other resources of tax benefits: Publication 970 (2021), Tax Benefits for Education | Internal Revenue Service (